RIP Kate_L


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Aug 6, 2014
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Very sad. I was already wondering why she suddenly disappeared on the forum, but this is something nobody could ever expect. I'm shocked too by the news.
Again after @argus, the community has lost a very friendly and helpful member.
Much too young to pass away....
Rest in peace @Kate_L. We will all miss you very hard! Condolences to family and friends.


What happened is very sad and @Kate_L will forever be missed, she won't be forgotten.
If only the driver was more responsible and didn't try to drive whilst under the influence (alcohol) then she would still be here with us.. :( I hope she rests in peace and send my condolences to her family/friends.


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Jun 24, 2016
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Kate, i never got to know you and i really wish i had. Everyone talks about you in such a soft and warm way, you definitely would have been the one person that could light a whole room with her own existence. I'm really sorry you had to leave this world so soon, but i like to think we're all here for one reason, a mission, a task to be completed, and we only leave this life and move to the next one when we're done. I'm really proud you could solve it so soon. My condolences to everyone that knew her.

I've lost people too, my best friend suddenly passed away and left me and everyone who loved him shocked, and i'd like to paste some words i wrote back ago that express my feelings.

"Losing someone we love is never easy. In the process, some part of yourself leaves with him -leaving an empty space that can never be filled, because every human being is unique in life, there's no replacement, just little forgetting moments. Despite how much it hurts, it's a must to accept he will not be physically to join us. That's why we live with a permanent illusion this person will come back from that sudden trip, apologize for absent so long with no previous say, tell us how he did.. But, sadly, it's not that way. Real life isn't.

We're born to die, i have that clear, but we're not ready to face the loss of somebody we love. We're not educated to do so. We get used to be with that person daily, to his smile, his walking and dacing way, his look, his smell, his love manifestations. We stick so much to the earthly existence that we totally forget about spiritual one, which never becomes extinct. It's like an infinite fire that feeds on our good actions and wishes, she evolves.

It recomforts me to know that, despite this person is not physically together with me, he is spiritually. Of course, it cannot be compared to a hug or a pat, it's much more than that. You feel some kind of protection and inner security, a special connetion between you and that person, that goes much beyond than simple earthly experience."