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Rising is offering their standalone firewall as freeware.



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So its like Rising Free Firewall was totally free while Rising Firewall 2011 have 30 days trial.

Or probably they are both different.


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Rising said:
Zero-Day Computer Security Protection with Rising Cloud Security

Rising Cloud Security 3.0, with high intelligence performance based on strong technique support from Rising Cloud Security Data Center which is the largest one in Asia and, the most efficient Rising Antivirus Virtual Machine Technique, as well as Rising Virtual Engine Technique, to perform the most excellent platform focusing on intelligent data collection, automatic data analysis, and providing professional security solution against Internet threats, behaviors of malicious attack from hackers, habits of computer users setting computer security defense, and traditional computer security defense.

  • Network Control
  • Intrusion Detection
  • URL Filter
  • ARP Spoofing Defense
  • Outbound Attack Interception
  • Network Data Protection
  • IP Rule Setting

See :
Looks pretty good on paper but it has some strong competition from COMODO, Zone Alarm and OA .The Intrusion Detection ( Efficiently intercepts malicious intrusion network attacks based on Network Analysis technique of Rising Cloud Security 3.0.) is a HIPS ? If yes , how is their white list??