Risky default settings for Firewall notifications

Discussion in 'ZoneAlarm (Check Point)' started by Hanmin147, Apr 20, 2015.

  1. Hanmin147

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    Jul 28, 2014
    Windows 10
    Hey all!
    So I've noticed that the default notifications settings for the firewall is very limited, it only notifies you when it blocks a certain kind of connection but not others, although it has the ability to notify you, it is disabled by default. Which results in some confusion for the users. Example would be something that happened to me just a few days of using zonealarm. My VPN was being blocked, I couldn't find the source of the problem and zonealarm seemed very silent so I didn't think much of it, what's more was that there was a check box that said allow VPN protocols, and it was checked for me. (which in my mind I thought it meant that it would not block my VPN traffic)

    After investigating, I saw that zonealarms had log files of me connecting to my VPN server and was blocking it. Upon further digging I found that there was a setting for notifications to every type of connection blocked by zonealarm.

    If the developers would have enabled this in the start I think it would have made it easier for users to understand the software instead of having issues and trying to troubleshoot them themselves.
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  2. jasonX

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    Apr 13, 2012
    Some developers do tend to think for the users or make it a point to decide for the users themselves and not let them know of a thing or two. It may have been because a lot of users do not want to get involved or shall I say do not want to give a fuzz about the inner workings especially that of the firewall(and the same goes for alerts and logs). Some do tend to be an "install and leave" individual and this with all that's been studied and taken into account may have been the reason why the developers took it upon themselves that notion -- decide for the user and not bother him (or better yet not inform him -- enjoy the ride we'll do it for you.). Take the case of Emsisoft ending the development of Online Armor because studies have showed that HIPS is not the "in thing" and BB is and because it's better for the user. When issues occurs and like what you discovered there's always the denial and the plain simple Oooops...we'll check it out.
  3. aztony

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    Basically, one of OA's developers said on Wilders the decision to end support for the firewall was based on majority user preference for BB because most of those users did not want to learn, or be bothered, responding to HIPS alerts, and have to make a decision(s).
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  4. jasonX

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    Apr 13, 2012
    Exactly! Thanks aztony for the additional info in your reply there. :)
  5. hjlbx

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    Unfortunately, all the work goes into making the software and very little effort is made to explain how the software works.
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  6. jasonX

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    Apr 13, 2012
    Agree there. Some devs leave it to themselves. I'd wish more effort was really thrown to explaining how applications work so it will be a good learning process for the user and through that they (user) will love the application more! Two-way interaction between the user and the creators will grow a bond towards loving and appreciating the product even more. Just like here in MT, that constant interaction/sharing/explanation/learning here makes us love the forum even more.
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