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The root CA on Untangle is already created once the SSL inspector is installed (1 click), after that an installer is generated for the RCA to be downloaded. Execute the installer on Windows Machines to install the RCA in a couple clicks. Very easy.

However, Untangle WITHOUT SSL Inspection still knows about C&C server because of IP Address, Header, and SNI information and hence, still blocks them, with or without the RCA installed.
My case was over a year ago, something with that I needed a domain for the CA to be setup correctly???
Anyway, I had two different employees from Untangle remontering in three times before it worked.
Maybe they learned from that case and simplified it?

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I have an asus router with Trend protection,

It's great, because not only can i customize my level of performance on each band and globally across the router, I also get a UTM which I can also customize to my specific need's. I am always playing around with the security setting's on my PC, Router, and Smartphone :). I'm actually gonna create a fine tuned guide for my router model on which setting's to use for performance & security to get the most protection and performance at least according to my own set-up lol