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Which router is good ? I have used many router but they are not providing any update. Any suggestion for router security?


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Depends, for what do you intend to use it?

Any consumer router at higher pricerange will be fine for a home user, business routers do have features that a home user won't need and often have a very high price if a high troughput is demanded.
Looking at the consumer router failure list that posted makes me ponder when looking over their router setup suggestion, if you follow them you actually eliminate most of the flaws, as an additional tip: disable the routers USB port sharing and other file/media sharing.

If you really want to go hardcore CISCO ASA and the same from other brands is the way to go, but that is where things start to get advanced and really can break down if you don't know what you are doing.
Plus that you probably need to buy an Access Point on the side of it.

Another thing to consider: IGMP Proxying, you might need it if you have an internet TV box.
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