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Missing 'Run as Administrator' in Win 10 Pro
Steps taken, but have been unsuccessful?
I followed the steps taken in the below link but was unsuccessful



My 'Run as Administrator' is missing in the drop down context menu in Win 10 Pro.

Initially, my system was Win 10 Home. I checked and was informed that there's no 'Run as Administrator' in WIn 10 Home.

Later I upgraded to Win 10 Pro and found the 'Run as Administrator' missing in the context menu. I did not give it serious thought as all these while I was able to install/remove programs without any issue.

Now, I'm not sure the latest Windows security patch's failure to update could be due to this despite frequent attempts and manual update as well.

Also, I could not run CMD at an elevated status as an administrator. I followed the links given below but to no avail.

Any help? Thanks


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It is hidden, because the value is not "00 00 00 00" (HEX 0).
Change it to 0 and log off the account.
When I tried to modify the 1st column the 01 jumps to the 2nd column and similarly for the 3rd and 4th columns. It also creates a new column. If I keep pushing the 01 to the right it'll creates a 2nd row of Value data. Is this correct? FI I have not changed yet

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