Safe1st's Simple Config

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Windows Edition
Primary sign-in
Primary user
Windows UAC
Maximum - always notify
Real-time protection
Windows Defender and Zemana AntiLogger
Software firewall
Microsoft Defender Firewall
Malware testing
Periodic security scanners
Hitman Pro (licensed)
Zemana AntiMalware (licensed)
Malwarebytes AntiMalware
Emsisoft Emergency Kit
Browsers, Search and Addons
Browsers : Firefox 64bit and Microsoft Edge
Extensions: Ghostery and Download Manager.
Maintenance and Cleaning
CCleaner and O&O Defrag
Personal backup routine
Device backup routine


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Jan 29, 2016


Very good, secure config. I would say, like a few others have already mentioned, Windows Defender is sufficient though. It comes pre-installed and auto-enabled, and most importantly, one less software to worry about. The simplicity of it is that you don't have to configure anything, and detected malware is an easy two clicks away.

However, it does have quirks... user will not know that it runs in Auto-Pilot mode and will delete detected files without notification.

If user understands this, then it is good protection.

It can delete Internet Explorer home-page and causes problems with Firefox certificate detection since it installs its own certificate for HTTPS filtering - issues that Bitdefender has been unable to resolve for years at this point.

Thanks for this piece of information about BD Free, I actually did not know this and is good to keep in mind when considering future free AV options.

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Bd paid products are compatible with Win 10.

Bd Free Antivirus is not compatible with Win 10. As per Bd staff at Bd forum for Bd free...Bd free may install on Win 10 without error but protection would be limited & could be problematic i.e Realtime/Web protection may not work correctly i.e less detection, wrong detection/FPs, etc...

You test AVs. Why not test Bd free on Win 10 i.e Url test for Web protection & Malicious samples test for Realtime protection? I would like to see how Bd free works & fares on Win 10 given that Bd staff mention not comapatible/supported on Win 10.

But still I would suggest not to use Bd free on Win 10. Bd staff mentioned Bd free support for Win 10 will be there but no ETA. Its your choice to use or not on Win 10.


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Jun 9, 2013
After testing this product, its good.

ADDED Zemana AntiMalware as on-demand scanner. Maybe ill use as real-time, after my BitDefender trial expired
A good choice i think ZAM does a very good job with lots of development all the time and a support thread right here at MT. ;)

Zemana False Positive Report Thread
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