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The first bendable phone was bold and innovative, but ultimately, it’s a piece of junk. But the new Samsung Galaxy Fold seems like an entirely different kind of a beast.

That’s because unlike the stiff, cumbersome Royole Flexpai I tried back at CES 2019, the Galaxy Fold looks like a slick, polished product generations ahead of the FlexPai.

Billed as something that doubles as both phone and a tablet, the Galaxy Fold offers a 4.6-inch screen on the exterior device, with a special hinge that expands to reveal a full 7.3-inch bendy display.

So what are you supposed to do with all the screen? The Galaxy Fold has a special triple app multitasking system that lets you view three apps at once. Additionally, there’s what Samsung calls its App Continuity framework that makes it easy to switch between using the front and interior screens.

The Galaxy Fold isn’t all about that flexy screen either, as the phone sports 12GB of RAM and a dedicated 7nm processor that works alongside the main CPU designed to ensure smooth app switching and display performance at all times. It features 512GB of onboard storage and is the first phone to featuring UFS 3.0, which should offer significantly faster app loading speeds, downloads, and more.

And in case that wasn’t enough, the Galaxy Fold comes with six total cameras: three on the back, two on the inside, and one on the front, so hopefully, you’ll never miss a shot. Of course, with the rollout of 5G being such a big thing for 2019, the Galaxy Fold will be available in both 5G and 4G-LTE models.

Then, buried beneath that bendy display, Samsung crammed two separate batteries inside the Galaxy Fold totaling 4,380 mAh hours, which is even bigger than what you get in a new Galaxy S10+. Really, the only feature the Galaxy Fold lacks compared to the “regular” Galaxy S10 line is an in-screen fingerprint reader. Instead, Samsung opted for side-mounted sensor, which considering bold nature of that bendy display, seems like a fair trade-off.

But it won’t come cheap. The Galaxy Fold will start at an eye-watering $1,980. So if you want one, you better start saving up for when the Galaxy Fold becomes available on April 26th.

Watch video here

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  • 3 app mutitasking
  • Android Continuity (?)
  • 12GB RAM
  • Two side screen
  • 6 cameras
  • And the best of all: 2 thousand dollars lol

Only a minor amount, but just you wait, you can get next year's model for only 2500. It's Win Win!:p

Seriously though, the pricing is getting out of hand. Mind you I guess that's what you get when your the first to release such a product.

It seems cool and all and I will definitely like to see one in person, but my only major concern is how the screen is going to hold up over time? Am I going to get a nice plastic stretch mark where the phone folds over time?


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I'd really love to buy one of these it looks like an amazing device, but that price is insane. I can afford it but there's not a chance I'd pay that. In my personal opinion this should be the kind of device that sells for a thousand dollars and the S10 and new iPhones etc should be priced around 600. The prices of the latest smartphones is ridiculous there's no new amazing technology in them it's like Samsung and Apple etc charge whatever they think they can get away with. But this, the Galaxy fold, this is worth a thousand dollars/Pounds because of the amazing new design, but 2000? NOt a chance I could buy a nice phone and a Macbook or a nice laptop for that price.

This phone has got me very excited and, for me personally this phone would come in very handy and it's a a massive leap compared to current phones. I really do want one it looks awesome. Come on Samsung knock a grand off ;):)


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Samsung's Galaxy Fold could lead to two more folding phones soon

Oh Oh. The Samsung Galaxy Fold can only fold for 10 000 times?

If you fold/unfold 50 times a day it means creases will appear after 200 days....

And that also means 2nd year onwards you'll be paying for the screen replacement. I think the screen is going to cost a lot to replace

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The One UI/Samsung Experience/TouchWiz UI skin overlay makes for a completely different user experience than you'd find on my Pixel (running near-stock Android). That's why you have Pixel elitists bashing Samsung, etc, and the opposite, because it's different/not as good/better/whatever.

As an example of the user experience being way different between devices, the Samsung One UI devices have a "night mode" that you can enable to run at sunset every day, that turns the UI dark. Then in the morning the UI is back to white/light until sundown again. Things like this really impact the user experience and make for a completely different experience from device to device.

Marko :)

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I'm skipping this trend like I did with a notch. I hate the design and I already know it wouldn't work for me. Foldable part makes them more sensitive and even more breakable (problems with displays proves it). I think I'll stick with normal phones with big displays. :giggle: