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A couple in the UK experienced a weird bug on their Samsung Galaxy S10 that allows bypassing the fingerprint reader to unlock the phone regardless of the biometric data registered in the device.
Endeavors in the past tricked biometric protection in phones from multiple brands. Hackers were able to recreate a fingerprint from high-resolution photos and transfer them onto a thin film.
Lisa and Wes Neilson's experience, though, is different and does not involve any technology, just a cheap silicon case.

One record for any finger

Lisa got the phone as a gift from her husband and decided to put it in a protective case. She soon discovered that even if only her own fingerprint was registered in the biometric settings of the device, the phone unlocked no matter what finger was used for the process.
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ForgottenSeer 823865

Naaaah it is an Hoax conspiracy from Apple and Huawei to reduce the S10 sales before Black Friday, the woman just didn't registered any fingerprints. :p