Hardware / Tech News Samsung won't buy OLEDs from LG because its QLEDs are already better, says Samsung


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Nov 10, 2017
Samsung today has denied the rumors of its OLED purchase deal with LG that have been circulating around the web over the last few months. In a phone call with a Korean digital publication IT Chosun, an official from Samsung Electronics' visual display (VD) business division has stated that the rumors are groundless and also went further to say that such a deal wouldn't be fruitful for Samsung as its in-house QLED TVs already produce better pictures than LG's OLEDs.

Back in April, the rumor regarding this procurement deal broke out which said that Samsung was looking to buy OLEDs from LG to cope with the rising LCD panel prices in China. The rising prices were a result of the COVID-19 pandemic that hit the world hard across all sectors, and the technology sector has been no exception. However, it was already stated in that report too that no contracts were signed and the deal wasn't past the negotiating phase.

Interestingly, IT Chosun had on the same day, in an interview, asked Samsung President Jong-Hee Han about the OLED procurement deal to which Han said responded negatively stating that there was no intention of such a deal at all. He again reiterated it when the publication met President Han at the World IT Show (WIS) 2021. Despite all this, the rumor mill had clearly not stopped spinning, and it would be interesting to see if it halts now.