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Image: Samsung showcasing the Sero Vertical TV (click to view)

Samsung has unveiled "The Sero," a 43-inch quantum-dot QLED TV with an attention-grabbing gimmick. It can be flipped around 90 degrees, letting you watch Instagram, Snap and other smartphone videos in their native vertical configurations. Samsung said it wanted to diversify its lineup and came up with the idea by studying the tastes of mobile-loving millennials.

"Samsung will continue introducing screens that respect personal consumer tastes," said display president Han Jong-hee.


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I saw in a television science show this kind of CRT monitor around 2 decades ago, the one that could be used Horizontally and Vertically. It was developed for the new paper industry.
I think square monitors are the best, in the wide ones there is a lot of wastage of space on the sides.
You can actually see that here also, just look at the sides. :)


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16k 43 inch Tvs, 2k foldable phones... Samsung is going as insane as Apple with its prices...