New Update Sandboxie-Plus v1.10.1


From Sandboxie Plus
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May 4, 2020
This build fixes a lot of long standing bugs around App Compartment boxes, Delete V2, snapshots, and many other.

Download: Release Release v1.10.1 / 5.65.1 · sandboxie-plus/Sandboxie


  • added UI option to change ini editor #3116
  • added Separate protection against box removal and content deletion [#3104] (#3104)
  • added Add "auto scroll" in sbie messages, resource monitor, api call log context menu #393

  • reworked Nt Object Handle handling
  • "OpenClipboard=n" now is also implemented in user mode, making it work for green boxes
  • changed Delete V2 scheme to use drive letters in FilePaths.dat (remains backwards compatible with using NT Paths) #3053
  • improved robustness of snapshot merging #3017

  • fixed "Disable Security Isolation" causes a game to stop playing audio #2893
  • fixed NtQueryDirectoryObject not implemented #2734
  • fixed issue with working directory for run menu entries
  • fixed inpoper global symlink in sandboxed namespace #3112
  • fixed 'Addon already installed!' error when clicking 'Show Stack Trace' #3114
  • fixed existing BoxNameTitle=process.exe,- removed when toggling other options #3106
  • fixed asynchroniusly assigned PCA job not being properly detected #1919
  • fixed incompatybility with first windows 10 release #3117
  • fixed Remove Sandbox only deletes the contents of the sandbox when an application is running in the sandbox #3118
  • fixed crash issue with not peroeprly termianted script engine #3120
  • fixed ImDisk under Sandboxie supervision causes SBIE2337 and sometimes BSoD [#1092)(#1092)
  • fixed Snapshots don't merge duplicate directory junctions #3016
  • fixed Snapshot related issue when using Delete V2 rename functionality
  • fixed issue with Delete V2 when using network shares
  • fixed issue when using "UseVolumeSerialNumbers=y" with accessing drive roots
  • fixed Remove-Snapshot resurrects deleted files when using Delete V2 #3015

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