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Version 4.10
Released on 22 May 2014.

These are the changes to Sandboxie since version 4.08:

  • The Excel clipboard problem "The picture is too large and will be truncated." has been fixed.
  • Fixed the following startup errors on the Dell Venue and other Win 8.1 tablets. SBIE2336 Error in GUI server: 11 / C0000021?. SBIE2335 Initialization failed for process Start.exe 88/0?
  • Fixed for Windows 8.1 update KB2919355.
  • Fixed several additional C0000142 (STATUS_DLL_INIT_FAILED) bugs. These could also show up as "CRT not initialized" or "DLL failed to initialize" errors and could also sometimes cause the sandboxed application to crash on start.
  • Incompatibility with FFX 27 and Avast that caused FFX to run with no visible windows.
  • Chrome crash when reporting an issue under Tools->Report an issue...
  • Fixed a problem with DFS drives (Distributed File System)
  • The "InjectDll" setting would sometimes cause DLL initialization to fail with the message "CRT not initialized" or "DLL failed to initialize".



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try to run the viruses from yesterday the 35 viruses pack, there is ransomware inside, it will lock your computer.
just download the pack and test, but test it on vm, i tested it on a real pc
You tested it in a sandbox and it locked up your computer? What happened when you rebooted?


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You tested it in a sandbox and it locked up your computer? What happened when you rebooted?
reboot? u can't reboot, only force shutdown
im using another protection timefreez so i can't tell who fix the problem.
using timefreeze can save your day.

why not tring yourself if you want ill upload the ransomware or just download the pack its call video...

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i wished you made a small we could see the setting and how you ran the packs in it


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its not junk but it is for testing only.
i have 2 os install and HBCD ready on the drive.
so the photo not exactly me;)
You could mistakenly run into some cryptolocker that could encrypt all of your data on all of your partitions. If you test malwares on the real machine just lock other partitions to be not accessible by OS, or if you don't mind formatting your HDD just don't keep important files on your computer.
Have a nice day, and be safe ;)

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Btw tested the said malware in a real Windows 8.1.1 system with Sbie 4.10 in default setting : no bypass , just explorer get frozen and need hard reboot. Sbie still protect the OS.
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