New Update Sandboxing Apps for Android - Isolate Work Profiles and Clone Apps for multiple accounts


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Jan 8, 2011


On the Island, you can:
  • Isolate app, for privacy protection.
  • Clone app, for parallel running.
  • Freeze app, to completely block its background behaviors.
  • Hide app, for various reasons.
  • Use VPN only on one side, or different VPN on both sides.

Insular (fork of Island)​

With Insular, you can:
  • Isolate your Big Brother apps
  • Clone and run multiple accounts simutaniuosly
  • Freeze or archive apps and prevent any background behaviors
  • Unfreeze apps on-demand with home screen shortcuts
  • Re-freeze marked apps with one tap
  • Hide apps
  • Selectively enable (or disable) VPN for different group of apps
  • Prohibit USB access to mitigate attacks with physical access
Differences from Island
  • all blobs (gms, crashlytics, etc) are removed to comply with F-droid's policy
  • Internet access of this app is removed because we just don't need it


The main use-cases of Shelter include:
  • Installing apps inside a work profile for isolation
  • "Freeze" apps inside the work profile to prevent them from running or being woken up when you are not actively using them
  • Installing two copies of the same app on the same device

Samsung Knox - Secure Folder for Galaxy devices​

Android 14​

Cloned Apps
Certain OEMs have a feature that allows you to clone an app. This is useful for signing into one app with two different accounts. You just clone the app, sign into the secondary account in the clone, and then open whichever app you want at that moment.
There is evidence that Google could be working on an app cloning for Android 14. This would allow you to clone apps without needing to buy a phone from OEMs that support it, because all Android phones would have it. We don’t know for certain if this will make it to the final build or not, but it appears to be a work in progress.
Source: Android 14 features: Everything you need to know


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Oct 9, 2016
Differences bewteen Shelter, Insular and Island can be found here

One example in isolating app is if your banking app do NOT allow unauthorized 3rd-party apps to be installed in order for it to work then sandboxing the banking app will do the job without the need to uninstall the unauthorized 3rd-party apps
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