Science Journal by Google (Educational and Open-Source)

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    Official Website:
    Android: Science Journal - Android Apps on Google Play
    iOS: Science Journal by Google on the App Store
    Open-source code available: GitHub - google/science-journal: Science Journal Android code.

    Science Journal is the free digital science notebook brought to you by Google.

    Whether you're a science educator or a hobbyist doing science at home, you can keep your notes, photos, and observations all in one convenient place. Use the sensors in your phone to measure and graph phenomena such as light, sound, and motion, or connect to external sensors via bluetooth to conduct experiments on the world around you.

    With the Science Journal app, you can:
    • Measure light, sound, acceleration, air pressure, and more using your phone's built-in sensors.
    • Take notes and photos to document your science experiments. More note types coming soon!
    • Connect to external sensors using select Bluetooth-enabled Arduino and Vernier devices.
    • Export recorded sensor data as CSV files.
    • Create automated triggers for recording data and taking notes.
    • Use sonification to hear the movement of your graphs.

    Science Journal is available for free on Android, iPhone, iPad, and compatible Chromebook devices.

    Available sensors may differ per device, for example, Xperia Z3 have these to play around with.
    • Ambient Light (lux)
    • Sound intensity (dB)
    • Linear accelerations (m/s^2)
    • Accelerometer X (m/s^2)
    • Accelerometer Y (m/s^2)
    • Accelerometer Z (m/s^2)
    • Barometer (hPa)
    • Compass (degrees)
    • Magnetometer (µT)
    Have fun! :geek:
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