Secure your MalwareTips Account - Enable Two-Step Verification

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Did you enable Two-Step Verification for your MalwareTips account?

  • Yes

    Votes: 135 30.1%
  • No, but I will now

    Votes: 156 34.8%
  • No, I do not need this

    Votes: 157 35.0%

  • Total voters


Level 12
Nov 17, 2016
Operating System
MacOS High Sierra
Installed Antivirus
I'll give this a try, I really dislike constantly having to type in password twice, same reason I disable UAC, because of the contant prompts, but have enable UAC due to member suggestions and gotten used to the notifications.


Super Moderator
Staff member
Oct 23, 2012
Operating System
Windows 10
Installed Antivirus
can lastpass figure that out,i mean two steps verification?:confused:
It has nothing to do with LastPass. LastPass has multifactor Authentication if you enable it.It will still auto fill your username and password on MT
You enable two step verification and select how you want to receive the code email,text message.
You will receive a code that you must enter to log in and you will also receive back up codes.
You can tick "trust this computer for 30 days"


Staff member
Jan 24, 2011
Operating System
Windows 10
Installed Antivirus
Should this be a recommendation to all new members?
Everyone should have 2FA enabled, and the new members or the members who are not using this feature, will see a pop-up (will appear only once for 60 seconds) recommending this extra security step.
I know that needing a second step to login may be seen as a hassle, however with the "email verification" and the "30 days - trust this device" feature, it should be very easy to use.