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Hi! I've been trying to find a good solution for my Web Server. It runs Windows Server 2012, and hosts a small amount of files on my local network (not anymore but it does have a good amount of archived files on it). It has Bitlocker enabled, Malwarebytes Corporate, and EMET, but I need an antivirus solution for server. No, I'm not talking about some antivirus for home. I don't need any sort of program that protects against web based or phishing attacks since no one uses its GUI. Its used as a Web & File server only, but I need a good suggestion as to an antivirus program that runs specifically on servers/ corporate computers. Some corporate programs (like Sophos File Server) require additional setup because they have to be managed remotely, but I just need an antivirus program that is stable, runs efficiently, and is built for a corporate environment / server environment. Any suggestions?

DJ Panda

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Avast Free is a good one I like usiong as my main AV. If you're talking about a business they have some sort of free business plan on their site. :)