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I've appreciated you use Windows Defender as your baseline AV, it means the protection can provide against common threats.

Why not? On demand scanners are design to conduct a scan once a week for background check for computer if its clean.

Other software can be add as well like CCleaner (Crap Cleaner) to clean any unnecessary files, logs, cookies and so on.

For USB realtime protection, highly suggest to add McShield which will not conflict to your current AV. (optional if doing USB stuff)


Level 8
I would want you to think about the suggestions and options you have, possibility of increasing your system security is high. Thankyou for sharing your config with us.


Level 37
@dekdown, the suggestions you've received are good ones, and using Windows Defender AV ;) is also a free choice I have made before (on good advice) as well.
I'll suggest an extension to keep your passwords secure. It is called LastPass, and I think you'll like it.:):)
I also agree with akuigla's encouragement. You shall improve with practice & confidence, for there are (truly) many English speaking people whom do not write nearly as well as you do!:D