Share Your Windows 10 Anti-Spy/Tweaker/Repair/Etc Utilities

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Aug 30, 2012
@BoraMurdar and @Svoll thank you both for your help.
I did both suggestions but after restart Search is still running in Task manager.
Anyway thank for your help
Sorry, didn't get that you want to disable Search (App). I wouldn't recommend to disable it as it's a part of operating system, like search function in previous versions of Windows. If you want, you can disable it, but take precautions. Run command as Admin :

Dism.exe /online /disable-feature /featurename="SearchEngine-Client-Package"


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Sep 26, 2014
@Evjl's Rain and @BoraMurdar thank you again for your help.
Search is persisting and it's not going away, that's ok i can live with it but i don't like that it's using more than 30 mb of ram for no reason.
As for Evjl's way i think Microsoft has realased a patch to disable this option.
@BoraMurdar after restart Cortana is still in Task manager.
As i said i can leave with it.
Thank you both again for your help:)
Edit: after a few minutes Cortana is gone:cool: go figure:)
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Dec 2, 2016
I deleted the Windows 10 Tweaks collection from It was too big @ 320Mb. I'm working on cutting it down in size into smaller parts and getting rid of the duplicates and rubbish files and I will re-upload it when finished.
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Dec 9, 2016
Heres the one you could try =>Get Blackbird - Windows privacy, security and performance , but like i has been saying, its never ever too much saying again, BACKUP/RECOVERY/SYSTEM RESTORE before!
Agree, before you start tweaking DEFINITELY backup first, and at minimium create a system restore point. Even when using tools to do the tweaks, such as Softorrbits Privacy Protector I would still do this.

This is quite a good list of privacy protection
Best Windows 10 Privacy Protection Software to use

I would agree with some others who have commented in the past, that a lot of the privacy issues raised about Windows 10 are simply Microsoft trying to gain information to make their products work better, and in many cases are anonymous. I think Windows 10 is probably no more anti-privacy than many of the earlier systems. Indeed many of the products mentioned say they can also be used on Windows 7.

However, I do think Microsoft should ask before getting this data, and not simply hide options to turn them off.
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Jan 8, 2011
Only cautiously using a single program called O&O ShutUp10, as some of the other tools can Break Windows 10's functionality. @Yash Khan you can also disable these settings yourself without tools and scripts, because it's not as if these settings are hidden under Windows 10 Settings. See under Privacy.

Why You Shouldn’t Use “Anti-Spying” Tools for Windows 10
Tools of this type can cause a variety of problems, and if you look around the web, you can see plenty of instances of people experiencing those problems. These include:
  • Blocking Windows Update completely, preventing the installation of important security updates and leaving your PC vulnerable.
  • Tampering with the hosts file to block specific Microsoft web servers, leading to various problems like Skype failing to synchronize chat messages or being unable to update itself.
  • Breaking the Windows Store, preventing you from installing apps from there and preventing it from updating the included applications in Windows 10.
  • Disabling the Windows Defender antivirus, which helps keep Windows 10 secure.
  • Deleting various services and parts of Windows 10, breaking various things and potentially blocking you from installing major updates like the Anniversary Update and November Update before it.


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Feb 3, 2017
I personally like Spybot Anti Beacon myself having used S&D quite a while ago - reminds me of the old immunise function from version 1.6 :)
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