Should I root my Android device? (Read before voting)

  • Yes

    Votes: 13 56.5%
  • No (Explain)

    Votes: 7 30.4%
  • Use another OS (Please Specify & Explain)

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Level 44
You have some apps to block this. I use Adguard, it has a Pseudo-Firewall module on it.

This is correct. There is almost no reason to root these days. Local loopback firewall does essentially the same thing. It basically functions like a VDOM on your phone and routes traffic back through itself before routing out primary WAN. Local loopback is how Heimdal works on desktops for example.

Rooting can bring in major problems. For one, security updates/patches won't happen. Updating your phone can be exceptionally problematic. Also 'some' rooting software and packages relating to them are pre-backdoored. I would never root.


Level 4
I want to root my android device for a few good reasons. Firstly, I want to be able to have a firewall that is on 24/7. I can not use a no-root firewall as it won't allow me to use a VPN. Secondly, I want to delete the bloatware that comes preinstalled with the device. It takes up space and acts as spyware. I want to move as far away from Google and Samsung applications as possible. The only reason I am using Android over Replicant or LineageOS is simply because I want to be able to install apps from the Playstore. If there were a way to install Android apps on Replicant OS, I would make the switch in a heartbeat. But since that isn't the case, I want to root my device to then modify it to match my needs.

So should I root my device? Or are there other ways to get what I want?
You still have Play Store on LineageOS if you install OpenGApps


Level 18
Rooting will cause you to have more control over your device:
  • CPU control (Governors and underclocking/overclocking)
  • Kernel (custom and enhancements)
  • Remove bloatware
  • Longer battery life and less heat
Rooting will cause you to have visual make-over and added functionalities for your device:
  • Custom ROMs - (Resurrection Remix and MIUI very popular for many tweaks)
  • X-Posed - so many modules to choose from -- almost endless possibilities
  • Themes - Substratum and CMTE
  • If a Stable ROM is found, may actually make your phone smoother and less laggy over Stock ROM
  • Android OS Upgrades thru Custom ROMs
  • Bugs for unstable ROMS
  • Possible softbrick or hardbrick device
  • Lost of warranty
  • Often change of ROMs (if you find a ROM unsuitable) may cause burned eMMC