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[…] At this day and age, everyone is so concerned about privacy that takes a step further for the definition of paranoid. […]
If that were the case, I'd be one happy camper. Nobody is concerned about their privacy online. Yet. The numbers of Facebook users paint a clear picture.

I do hope you don't lock your doors, shut your blinds or send off confidential mail on anything other than a postcard. Anything else would be just as "paranoid" really.

Since I do all these things, I apply the same due diligence to my online activities. I do not understand how these should be awarded a more light-hearted approach just because they're more abstract and less tangible. Potential leaks will influence my life just the same.


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Goodevening All! I am kamo_jisan.

First of all, I want to tell everyone that thank you very much for your replies!

I will read all replies as soon as possible in my holiday, but now, I cannot read all replies enough because my ability to read/write English is poor a little. I want to understand the way from your replies enough for resolving my DNS issue, so I will read it next(or near the)day.

But now, I decided about DNS which I will use for connecting websites/Internet.
I am going to use Google Public DNS Service as before (as written first comment from me at this question-thread).
I judged that Google Public DNS Service is not having a heavy problem about privacy and safety.

Thank you very much for your replies, and giving me your answers!


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Google DNS is fine, if you are super paranoid you can run your own DNS it is actually easier than most would think.
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