What should I do?

  • Stay on Google Chrome

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  • Switch to Firefox

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I wish that there was a normal, clean, Chromium based browser without Google or anything bundled. I know for Chromium, but I heard it's not stable and besides that, it doesn't have auto update so I'd have to constantly update it manually.

Chrome has it's pros and cons. It's great web browser because it's fast, secure and stable. Google is very fast at fixing bugs and vulnerability when found so that's another plus. And all websites work in it without any problems. Google's integration into Chrome is very huge minus.
Other Chromium browsers are not that great, for example, take a look what How-To Geek said about Comodo Dragon and SRWare Iron.
Opera is good, although it's not that fast like Chrome and Firefox (at least in my case, every website takes few seconds more to load than on Chrome and Firefox). Vivaldi has weird UI which I don't like and it has a ton of options so it'll took me a century to configure browser after reinstallation.

Firefox is awesome and it's my favorite browser now. I haven't used it before because it was terrible. It used to constantly freeze while loading two tabs at same time or when website had a lot of scripts. Version 57 is great and it's fast as Chrome (if not faster). However, its font rendering is the worst and it's the only thing why I don't use it. I tried messing with font rendering in about:config and it works, font is like in Chrome, but then is blurry.

With all that said, I'm on Chrome for now. I'll have to continue using it until Firefox fixes font or, at least until any font-fixing addon becomes compatible with Firefox Quantum. :)
Have you tried Yandex browser? It is great and I love the popup player!


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glad i could help. it has to do with certificates but i don't know the cause. maybe firefox doesn't add some certificates
maybe if you install first firefox then bitdefender there will be no problems but it's just a guess
I also had a problem with certificates with quantum. I think they changed something.


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If HTML5 compatibility is important for you then stick to Chrome. It's still the most compatible browser out there. Otherwise use whatever you feel comfortable with or that has the extensions you like or need.

Just out of curiosity, these are the results I get in The HTML5 test - How well does your browser support HTML5?

Chrome 62.0.3202.94: 525/555
Edge 16: 473/555
Firefox 57: 483/555
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Chrome 528
Firefox 486

Mozilla did make a big step forward based on a couple of days of usage of 57. FF is much more comparable to Chrome speed-wise than it was previously. Just wish there were more to grab onto on the main program bar to move the program window around. That's the only "problem" I've run into so far if that should be classified a problem. (y)