Q&A Should i try KIS or stay with the current product ?


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Jun 26, 2020
Not so many solution can beat up Kaspersky Cloud System, I have Kaspersky Total with Glasswire, no BSOD, no slow downs and you can turn off firewall feature in Glasswire :)

Me too, without any problem or incompatibility, but the firewall enabled is from KIS, Glasswire is just to have a better perception of the traffic:



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Jun 26, 2020
And now the question: is Glasswire obsolete when you have a Firewall Component already available from your security solution?

You can use Glasswire (like I do), just to have a better view off all your traffic, network, etc. I don't really need Glasswire, is a complement to my security solution, with a better graphic visualization. I use the free version off Glasswire.



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Jun 8, 2020
I am using Bitdefender from past few years. In one of my new windows system, I have installed the free trial of KIS. It is working fine without any noticeable lags. I just feel that the manual full scan was bit slower than Bitdefender.


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Jan 14, 2015
I just feel that the manual full scan was bit slower than Bitdefender.

Kaspersky full scan (initial 1st scan) is lenghty.

To put in perspective, my 750GB HDD took 4 hours on Kaspersky, 3 and a half on ESET.

Subsequent scans are faster however.

Also Scan Optimization option that @harlan4096 posted is enabled by default, at least in KAV/KIS 2020

low L!fe

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Oct 11, 2014
Your problem begins with this part:
FYI i visit many cracking forums and install cracked warez and malware related websites as i have started learning malware analysis since the past 4 months. I also torrent(both downloading/uploading) on a regular basis and ESET has protected me well from incoming attack sthrough torrents.

Having ESET or KIS or any other solution would net similar results one way or another, specially when you are installing cracked software.

If you were just learning malware analysis, you would solely do this in an isolated VM environment and not risk your main system.

ESET is lighter than KIS specially when theres scans.
KIS has a few more protection modules but both are recommended. I have been an user of both extensively and go back and forth between them and McAfee.
KIS is more secure than ESET but at a cost of slight heaviness, depending on your system.

EIther way, sorry to say but you looked for this yourself the moment you started visiting cracking forums and installing cracked software, as well as active torrenting.
What do you think of the McAfee ?
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