Should Microsoft follow in Google’s footsteps and introduce an ad blocker in Edge browser?

  • Yes

    Votes: 28 57.1%
  • No

    Votes: 5 10.2%
  • I don't care

    Votes: 16 32.7%
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I would say no.
They would better invest their time offering a better extension store and a better framework to create extensions for it. There are so many good adblockers out there now, so they should simply add and support these extensions to their store. On the other hand, competition in the adblocking would be good for all companies, but there are other things that need more time for edge now imho.


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Probably not.
I suppose it would work in "acceptable ads" way allowing partners ads - like probably opera adblocker does.
User has not choice in this way, and there are already good and light ad blocker as addons.
If the built-in solution works with known lists and blacklisting/whitelisting should be fine, then.
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Really? I imo they are one of the worst kind of ads. Most of the time they are sexually suggestive, or selling a pill to lose fat, and the worst part they are part of the web page.
For me it suggests good articles or maybe some games. I haven't seen anything explicit from them. Usually they are after the article and sometimes it has good hits suggesting some things in relation to the article. Google's ads are more intrusive in my opinion.

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Microsoft should include one. It would reduce the need and hassle of reinstalling an adblocker every time you reset windows, get a new computer, etc. It would also attract more people to use Edge.