Do you trust Test-labs?

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White Nobster said:
Umbra Corp. said:
i know for example that Biozfear or McLovin videos are neutral , just showing pros & cons of a products

That is an example of 2 of the members here I can trust

Edit:OOooooppps....I mean an example of 3....+Umbra
Some of our members here have much better video reviews than others but finding good video reviews that are not biased or done by someone who has professional quality is like trying to find a needle in a haystack when searching on Youtube and other sites. Fanboy reviews are the worst since they can be easily manipulated to promote their favorite products.

Users like myself don't have time to watch a bunch of video reviews to only find a few that are a bit useful. When only a few users were making video reviews it was much easier to find some that were helpful. Now it has got out of control, too many users with biased opinions, no experience or qualifications are making them. Since most video sites has no restrictions, any user can upload them no matter how bad or amateur they are. Just think of how bad it would be if any user could upload guides on how to perform brain surgery and medical students could use that info freely on test subjects. ;)


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most labs are not trustable, in my opinion. however, not all of them are. a small handful of them i do trust, like virusbulletin, for example. Even so, i don't take lab reports as my most important factor in choosing security products. i use my common sense and personal judgement


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Buy a product not only for its effectiveness, but as a company. I buy AV solutions based upon who the company is, where they are heading, and how they operate their business.