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It seems a to me little vague.
Nothing vague there, they are focusing on next version's beta release, and so establishing current version of Sophos Home with minimal efforts, every "performance" improvement can make huge changes in computing tasks and system impact, SH user should notice, knowing that since beginning of the SH, it has always been a little "hungry" for resources. SHP is a complicated AV suite with HitmanPro.Alert doing the heavy lifting in the background, even tho from the first glimpse it seems easy and automated, it's not, what they are trying to do is make less input needed from the user. There's a small group of developers for the SH, compared to like Kaspersky employee count, it's not like everyone at the Sophos working their ass off with Sophos Home, every side project has a team, adjusting it and HMP.A for every change of Windows in updates is just another major pain. They still have a road to go, we'll see.
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I like a little more information about the bug fixes. There is still a bug in Firefox when the key encryption module is activated. Well I shall test it to see if that bug is also solved.