Q&A Shutting Down Google Privacy Nightmare on Windows-hosted Android Emulator?


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Sep 25, 2021
Would it be possible to restrict network access to certain apps running within an Android emulator in order to avoid all of the Google anti-privacy ridiculousness related to Android?

For non-emulated Windows programs, obviously Windows firewall can be used to easily allow or block individual applications. However, for Android apps running in an emulator, allowing or blocking individual apps wouldn't be so easy since Windows firewall would not be able to recognize individual Android apps running within an emulator. Therefore it seems more advanced rules would be necessary. For example, if one were able to detect what network access only the desired apps require and make specific firewall exceptions for them, none of the Google services could have network access.

Does this seem plausible? If so, would the process be to launch apps that are desired to be whitelisted and monitor firewall logs to discover what IP addresses should be whitelisted?

Any contributions towards this goal would be most welcomed.
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