Scams & Phishing News Singapore banks to allow customers to 'lock up' funds in latest move to guard against scam


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Oct 9, 2016
Should first read this article

then the next article below

The current method of restricting user access to the bank's mobile app if apps from unverified app stores are detected has brought many inconvenience to the users. I purposely bought the ASUS Zenfone 10 phone just to download apps from Google Play Store (and for other uses as well) order to rid the inconvenience in using the bank's app.

This new method to 'lock up' your funds is a great move but it's still not foolproof of being scammed. The reason being if the victim is tricked to withdraw the 'lock up' fund by the scammer and then transfer to the scammer's designated account.........the victim still loses the money to the scammer.

If you read the above articles you'll see that the banks have been pressured by the victims and public to implement safety measures instead of simply shoving the responsibilites to the victims. The bank has the responsibility to safekeep your money. With this 'lock up' anti-scam method there's no way that the scammer can digitally takeover the victim's account and empty it..................yah you still lose a small amount here though.....................thus protecting the victim's majority funds. However, if the victim unlock and physically withdraw the funds, and being scammed after, then it's no longer the bank's responsibility to protect the victim's funds since the control of the fund no longer lies in the hands of the bank. The bank washes its hands here.

Some other methods of scam protection on your mobile include

1) Use an AV with scam protection like BitDefender Mobile Security. I believe other AVs also have such a feature
2) My Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra with android 14 has Auto Blocker which offers a number of protection features including preventing the user from downloading and installing apps from unauthorised stores. This is important especially if you download scammed apps from social media sites like Meta, Whatspp etc which some users were scammed. I'm not sure of android 14 in other phone brands or is this only for Samsung phones with android 14. FI, I checked my other Samsung phone with android 13 and the Auto Blocker feature is not there.
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