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    1. Download and install Soft Organizer Pro on your computer.
    2. Launch the program and use the above license code to activate it.
    I confirm, as stated above, that Malwarebytes (premium version) is blocking ( and says it contains a trojan.
    -and I have an older version of soft organizer running on my system, that Malwarebytes is happy with.


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    Malwarebytes indeed blocks the website. ''Blocked due to trojan''
    Strange. VirusTotal doesn't detect any malware, nor my Avast Security extension.

    I just did a Malwarebytes Malware scan and it didn't find anything, even though I have Soft Organizer Pro 7.51 installed from the above mentioned giveaway site.
    soft organizer is a nice program. it is mainly an uninstaller monitor for those who are curious. i find it useful with steam games. i can't monitor steam games installing with revo pro. but with soft organizer, you take a snap shot first. install the steam game, then take a snap shot after. seems to work fairly well and is quick. the only negative is it is for 32 bit programs. so i think it will miss half of a 64 bit installation if monitored. it will still run the uninstaller and pick up the 32 bit side though, which is better than the uninstaller by itself. and most programs are 32 bit anyway.