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Any computer user should know by now that backing up your important data is a must, so today we’re offering you the chance to get a free license for Backup4all, an app that will create (automated) backups for your files and applications.

First of all, Backup4all Lite isn’t your average data backup software: it won’t just create backups for a number of files, it’s a great way to backup app settings, so next time you reinstall Windows, you won’t waste countless hours customizing your favorite programs. Backup4all does this using profiles and you can find a wide array of Backup4all profiles right here, on Softpedia.

Another important advantage of Backup4all is the ability to fully automate your backups, so there’s no need to access the program each time you want to store a copy of your files. You can easily schedule a backup to be performed daily, weekly or even monthly.

Files can be stored either on your local HDD, but also on external, removable and network drives. Whereas the source can either be one of the plugins we’ve mentioned above or any file or folder you select. You can easily create filters for your sources, based on file name, attributes, date or size, to skip any irrelevant files.

Last, but not least, in order to save space, Backup4all will allow to compress your backup file. You’ll be able to choose the level of compression and which file types should be skipped. As a security measure, you can also choose to encrypt your backup

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Download the program Here:

Backup4all Lite

Version.4.8.286 | Released on: 10/2/12
MSI Installer
Download (22MB)
Windows 8, 7, Vista, XP (32/64-bits)
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