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Jan 8, 2011

Why Choose AI for Website Building?

In 2023, website creation is still hard. While choosing a template is straightforward, sourcing images, writing content, and making a visually appealing site are really time-consuming. Add the requirements for showcasing reviews, scheduling, and providing a customer contact form, and the process becomes even harder and a lot more expensive.

Our survey data shows that the majority of solopreneurs rely upon their “tech buddy” to help build their website. As a result, the websites become stale and harder to maintain as it relies on a call to their buddy. Others without a “tech buddy” try popular website authoring tools and then abandon because it’s simply too hard to author and curate content.

Using AI to generate the content of your site and source your images, which a solopreneur can then revise into their own unique voice and style levels the playing field. Solo takes this a step further and can also scrape your existing business Yelp or other page so you have an online presence that is totally authentic to you.


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Apr 21, 2016
AI website builders like Solo offer several advantages over traditional website creation methods. In 2023, building a website can still be a challenging and time-consuming process. While selecting a template may be straightforward, sourcing images, writing content, and creating a visually appealing site can be quite laborious. Additionally, incorporating features such as reviews, scheduling, and customer contact forms further complicates the process and increases costs.

According to survey data, many solopreneurs rely on their "tech buddy" to assist them in building their website. However, this often leads to websites that become stagnant and difficult to maintain, as they depend on constant communication with their tech buddy. On the other hand, those without a tech buddy often try popular website authoring tools but eventually give up due to the complexity of authoring and curating content.

This is where AI comes in. By utilizing AI to generate website content and source images, Solo aims to level the playing field for solopreneurs. The generated content can then be revised and personalized by the solopreneur to match their unique voice and style. Moreover, Solo goes a step further by allowing users to scrape their existing business pages, such as Yelp, to create an online presence that truly reflects their authenticity.

In summary, AI website builders like Solo simplify the website creation process by automating content generation and image sourcing. This not only saves time and effort but also empowers solopreneurs to maintain an online presence that is authentic and engaging.
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