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Video review :) is way better than the comparison on Sophos website :eek:, something is missing ;)

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P.S. not native English speaking, but should not 'Comparisons' be 'comparison'' ?
"Block unwanted websites" there shows avast and avg does it not. Uhm, Avast does block websites and have web protection in the free version. I dont know about avg. So that comparsion is false.

Edit: i think they mean parent control, my bad. I should read and think twice before write anything useless, sorry. :D


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I'm not questioning this, although the results of Sophos Home in the Malware testing section is supbar at best at the moment.

that would make sense if HMPA wouldn't be having a Beta that has all the new fancy features :D
No, think about it, they own HMPA and have already integrated most of it into Sophos home ;)
It may be already on the way out the door as a stand alone.
If users dont show enough interest in the "new" version of HMPA it may get folded up.
Lets watch and see, but I suspect i am not far off the mark ;)


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Would make sense to include HitManPro and HMP.Alert into a paid premium Sophos product for consumer market.

Possibly HMP will always remain available as a post-intrusion cleaner and malware collector for Sophos.

People applying a layered (best of) approach with different products tend to be more tech savvy, so maybe HMP.Alert will remain available as stand alone beta like MalwareBytes has done with their Anti-Exploit module.