spaceoctopus security configurations


Level 19
Oct 16, 2015
Really good config, I love the encryption software (AxCrypt) which you have installed, also Avira has been somewhat neglected by users lately, but it's really potent as an Antivirus (I'd say it's in the top 10 best antiviruses in terms of signature detection at the moment... maybe even top 5?).

As for backup, if you only need to backup individual files (e.g. documents) then an external hard drive is good enough.
If you want to backup your entire system, then you may want to create a full system image using one of these applications (both of them have free versions, which I definitely recommend):

EDIT: Also, like other users suggested in this thread, you may consider replacing Adblock Plus with uBlock Origin. (uBlock Origin is available in all browsers which you currently have)
If you come to install it, then consider adding the "Adblock Warning Removal List" and "Fanboy's Social Blocking List" filter lists, in addition to the ones which are already installed by default.