New Update Spark Mail is now available on Windows


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Aug 17, 2014

Spark Mail for Windows and a redesigned interface

The new UI for Spark Mail adds a Homescreen, which displays a greeting with your name, a nice background wallpaper, a clock widget, and a couple of other options such as a Smart Search bar. More importantly, the homescreen implements a feature called "Email Focus Time" that you can define. When enabled, it serves as a reminder to not spend too much time on mails, to help improve your productivity.

Click on the Open Inbox button to access your mails. Things have changed here too, there is a Smart Inbox at the top of the screen, it lists important mails from all your accounts (not unlike Outlook's Focused Inbox), while other messages are displayed below it. It also groups mails as notifications and newsletters. You may mark an email as done by clicking the dot next to it.

You can search through your mails and perform various actions quickly from the Command Center, which can be accessed using Ctrl + K or Cmd + K. The mail client now supports OAuth for logging into mail services such as Gmail and Outlook.

The email client shows a banner when you receive a new mail, with options to accept or block mails from the sender. This behavior can be changed from the app's settings. Spark Mail can be set to display Priority Mails at the top of your other mails in the list, it shows 5 lines (mails) by default, but you may choose to view up to 10 mails.

Spark Mail is now available on Windows

Spark Mail adds a "Sent with Spark" signature for free users

The last feature in the comparison chart mentions that the free version of Spark Mail cannot remove the "Sent with Spark" signature, the app adds this to every email that you send. You can remove the signature from the mail manually before sending it, but this can become tedious quickly, which makes it an aggressive marketing maneuver to push users towards its premium subscription. Such annoyances could also drive users away from the email client.


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Jan 8, 2011
Oct 31, 2023 - Spark Mail update
Integrations allows the convenience of creating tasks without leaving your email or switching between applications. As a productivity boost, it saves you from distraction because you can stay in, or out of your inbox. Integrate with all the tools you love, making Spark a hub for all your productivity needs. Check the compatibility of Integrations with your devices below:

Task and Project Management
  • Windows: Asana, MeisterTask, TickTick, Todoist, Trello
  • Mac + iOS: also integrate with 2Do, OmniFocus, Reminders, Things
Note-taking and Organization
  • Windows: Evernote, Instapaper, OneNote, Pocket
  • Mac + iOS: also integrate with Agenda, Bear
Cloud Storage and File Management
  • iOS only: Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive
Online Meetings and Video Conferencing
  • iOS only: GoTo, Zoom
*Android Integrations are in development and coming soon.


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