Update SpeedTest App - Adds Video Testing


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Jan 8, 2011
Blog: Introducing Video Testing from Speedtest
We’re excited to announce that Ookla® Speedtest® has a new video test that can help you measure the quality of your streaming experience before you queue up your next video. Video testing is free and currently available on Speedtest for iOS with more platforms coming soon.

Why You Need A Dedicated Video Test
While network speed certainly impacts your video experience, providers routinely prioritize video traffic differently than other traffic. This means that video can perform very differently than the rest of the things you do online, no matter how fast the download speed of your network.

Enter video testing from Speedtest, which plays an actual video to specifically measure the performance of video streaming on your network at any time. An accurate video measurement requires an actual video to be played, because video traffic cannot be simulated across a network.

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