Update SpyShelter 11.4 RC released

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Apr 21, 2016
New version of SpyShelter is now available!

Please note that this is Release Candidate version and you may experience some irregularities in GUI, for this reason, automatic update is disabled for this RC version. Only manual update will work. You can find download links below.

This version refreshes SpyShelter GUI, adds new icons, presents new Rules tree-view as well as allows to adjust GUI scaling without changing Windows settings.

SpyShelter 11.4 Release Candidate

– Added new(3rd) tree view mode display of Rules list
– Replaced all images with new style and kind (vector based glyphs)
– Implemented scaling feature for GUI (Auto, 125%, 150% PPI)
– Many small general look improvements including scalable logo and other small improvements


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Dec 12, 2013
Installation without issues but I noticed some bugs and as I think they don't effect on offered level of security...I didn't noticed that. GUI is refreshed but some icons should be changed because are not clear in meaning. Generally?...works properly.