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Jul 4, 2015
Hello guys,

I want to know what is the difference between some traditional firewall (like Kaspersky Internet Security (firewall) or Emsisoft Internet Security (Firewall)) vs. SpyShelter Firewall (I think it is behaviour based). Will there be any feature that is missing from Spyshelter since it is behavior based in comparison to standard ones like kapsersky?

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Mar 1, 2015
Spyshelter won't find/block/deny anything other than Spyware. An example... you know how Google Chrome (an add-on for it or something) was listening in on people? Well Spyshelter probably would have denied this by default whereas your typical antivirus software out there is way more likely to just ignore things such as this... allow it because... hey... it's Google

Spyshelter denies by default what your antivirus might allow/deems to be safe.


Sort of options you have in Spyshelter. I think it denies programs trying to access webcam etc by default, unless you allow it. Just tinkered with options here just to show you.

Like if you download a legit program it won't can access the webcam unless you allow it to...

"Every action out of the ordinary is potentially dangerous. For example, it is natural if Skype requests access to webcam – it would be impossible to make a video call without allowing the access to it. On other hand, when notepad application tries to intercept sound from your microphone, it is suspicious. Why would notepad need to capture sound?"

Logger can be under the guise of anything.
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