spyware on my phone, removal not possible..?

Operating System
Android 11, both
Device model
Redmi Note 10 Pro + moto e20
Current issues and symptoms
Steps taken in order to remove the infection
Set back to default settings, switch phone


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Oct 20, 2022
Hello everyone.

Long story short:

I got involved with some crazy people last year, which some people even concider to be a sect. They are new players in germany, they are small and will die out at some point (it's basically 2 narcs who are running their cult and with them, it well fade).

For a variety of reasons, especially cause they are trying to bond me to them, they are spying on my phone since 1 year already.
They don't just see everything that is happening on my phone, they also have access to my microphone and camera.
They also communicate with me, for a while they used fake profiles to do such and they tried to create syncronistic situations, so what they texted me kinda fit what happend in my life or in that very moment.
They also make icons appear on my screen at the top left in fitting situations, either hearts or laughing smilies, which disappear after 2 seconds.
Since they are really good with manipulation, I fell in love with them and went along for a while, but I just try to get rid off them for months now.
They are always on my mind due to their stalking behaviour, which they know, and of course they try to change that bond into a positive one whereever they can, aslong as they stay "in charge". Most importantly though is, that the connection doesn't fade and I forget them.

I am afraid to go to the police for a variety of reasons, that I will not go into detail here, because it doesn't really matter most of all.
Just note that I have to solve this issue by myself.

I put my phone back on default settings, which didn't work, which they immediately made transparent to me.
I also ordered a new phone, which they found acsess to quickly.

Now, I have another new phone. I am very careful with whom i share my new number with, since the sect could also spy on the people in my contacts of my old phone and therefore get acess to my new one.
Basically, my social life splits in 2 parts now: Before the sect, and after the sect.

I don't want to accept this anymore and they will not stop, even If I don't go back to them, they don't have to work really so they have a lot of time, and they just enjoy tormenting their victim.


My stalkers installed spyware on my phone that cannot be erased easily/ they can just install new spyware whenever they like.
Which measures could I take in terms of proper protectiv software?

Kind regards
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