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I have a second partition, which I use for tests, which I currently have:

W10 pro 64x

ZoneAlarm free firewall

Avast free

VS free


And 2 linux partitions. Voyaguer linux (Xubuntu tuned) and Manjaro (Arch based)

Both with firewall on, Firefox (lastpass, uBlock Origin, Https Everywhere)

That´s all :eek:

The strangest thing among my different configurations may be the different settings of my browsers. In linux I go to Firefox, but in Windows, I notice a lot of difference between uBlock Origin and Adguard. IMO uBlock is more aggressive and it not allows me to listen to any radio station. I use Cent for MT and some foreign pages (the Chrome translator is great) and Opera for almost everything

I hope your advices and comments. Thanks in advance :)

More than a year ago I signed up for this wonderful forum.
I had several unquestionable truths:
  1. Avast is not a good antivirus
  2. Qihoo is the best free or paid AV
  3. ZoneAlarm free Antivirus is really great
  4. DNS ... well ... there are only 3 letters
  5. I knew a lot about computer science
  6. It's not a bad thing to have some pirated software
Now I look back and look at all the changes I have introduced to my computers, all the changes you have introduced into my head and I am proud because I have learned a lot and that I have found a great (and very very very patient) community.

Thanks from my heart. It just seemed appropriate to comment not just my setup, I wanted to comment why it is now so.

Thank you for keeping my Learning Mode active :)

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I like the realtime protection is light & effective & not bloated with many products...;)

You are running Adguard & uBlock Origin both...I guess Adguard is the browser extension.
Have you tried Adguard Desktop i.e all the browsers covered?

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I like the realtime protection is light & effective & not bloated with many products...;)

You are running Adguard & uBlock Origin both...I guess Adguard is the browser extension.
Have you tried Adguard Desktop i.e all the browsers covered?
No, i don´t tried Adguard Desktop. I know there is a 6 months key, but i am comfortable with only the extension :)

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You do incremental backup with Aomei?
How full is your system drive And how much time Aomei incremental takes...?
I have used 106 Gbs in a partition of 501
From Aomei email notification:

Report of the backup/sync is as follows:
Computer Name:ORDENATA
Plan Name:System Backup(1)
Task Type:Incremental Backup
Destination Path:F:\Aomei\System Backup(1)\
Execution Result:Success
Starting Time:Wed Mar 01 08:51:05 2017
Finish Time:Wed Mar 01 09:03:46 2017
Description:The operation has been completed successfully."

You can think it has taken a time of only a few seconds, but its not true. The true is almost 15 minutes (preparing, writing ...)

The first backup (complete) about 103 Gbs take a time of 25 minutes. And the recovery I had to do 3 days ago, around 25 minutes too.

The real time is esay to see.

When it starts at the scheduled time, it takes 13 -14 minutes, but if you turn on the computer later it will start at that time. Is it useful ?, yes, but then the startup slows down a lot. For me, its better do it manually.

I have been testing different backups (AOMEI, Easeus, Macrium, Supereasy ...) and in the end I prefer to schedule it at a time that does not bother me and have the security, the complete security, to recover without problems.
If you are looking for speed, Easeus is surprising,very fast, but on my computer it failed to recover a partition, further breaking the MBR.
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Sr. Normal 2.0

I am running Veeam Endpoint Backup FREE And I find it SOLID/RELIABLE in every way...

Here's few info/details & my shared experiences/tests...
Veeam Endpoint Backup FREE

You may give it a try & see if its right for you & if you like it...

Have you tried/tested it...?
WoW! Thanks! Tomorrow i will test it! I love to know new (for me) software.

If you say this is good is because it is really good. Thanks again :)

Very good config my friend i like it a lot.
Especially the multi boot with Linux;)
Guilty :cool:

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Hi @Yash Khan :)

2 great additions to my systems, FDM (free download manager) is for me better than Eagleget I got faster downloads and also manages the torrents, so I save myself having another dedicated app. It is really comfortable to handle and unlike EagleGet, it has worked without errors, has never been frozen.

About Veeam Endpoint Backup FREE is a GREAT app.Install and forget, I have it already installed in 3 systems and I do not have it in the 4th because of sheer laziness :oops:. My favorite backup programs have always been Paragon B & R and AOMEI, Paragon has fallen into disuse, is ostracized (I talk about my computers) and I already have a system with AOMEI.
I really like the detailed information I receive via email, the GUI, that if my computer was shut down at the scheduled time of backup, the program will do it on the next reboot.
It is comfortable, clean, simple and powerful. I think it's the best review I can do about an app. Highly recommended, thanks again my friend for sharing with me this soft. :)

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@Yash Khan, it is not as good as IDM. Nothing is as good as IDM, but you'll like it, I'm sure. By the way, I have not noticed any speed difference opening ports on my router, I say it in case you do not want to do this step. ;)

@brod56, thanks. I have a Zemana lifetime and I really like it, but I don´t want have a lot of demand scanners, but thanks again for your tips :)
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