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I am currently interested in follow-up of information technology, especially information security and the security of computers and networks. I am always on the lookout for software security breaches / control and I am also a firm believer in strong passwords and multi-factor authentication.

I wish you luck
I See you have UAC on always notify, This is very good!! As I can see you don't have any On-demand scanner so - I would like to advice you adding an On-demand scanner like Malwarebytes or Hitman Pro.
It can find malware that EAM missed.
You can add also extension's for firefox like: Adblock (It will block all annoying Ad's) and Https everywhere (Which would make safe connection with a lot of sites)
Everything except that very good! Thanks for posting the config ;)
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Agree with a on demand added to your config. The most reliable solution lies in backing up your system, whether it be the built in windows back up, or on a external HD, or both as many of us do. :) There are many third party programs for backing up if you do not wish to use windows built in.
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