Level 10
Steganos Online Shield VPN - Special-Edition
free software on 19. December 2017

The Internet how I want it.Safe. Private. Ad-free.
Safe from hackers and without ads
Free from regional content blocks
Maximum anonymity and free from observation
Updated more intuitive user interface
Automatic cookie removal now also in Internet Explorer 11 & Edge
Extended tracking protection makes it harder for websites to spy on you
Reliable VPN protection now also on DS-Lite IPv6 connections
Specification of this version
2 GB data transfer per month per devices and up to three devices for 12 months for free!

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Steganos Online Shield VPN - Special-Edition in our software Advent Calendar 2017

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Steganos Online Shield VPN - Steganos – Privacy Software made easy



Level 20
If your gov block VPN such as Egypt you can still use Windscribe. Go to preference and use Stealth as your protocol and it work like magic :)
Where's the preference? i cant see it when i run a program it says '' awesome we are logging you on'' then error :S never mind i use Avira Phantom VPN Pro haha..