Expired Sticky Password Premium - free license for 1 year

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How to get a free Sticky Password Premium license for 1 year

1. Download and install password manager from here.....
Скачать Sticky Password Premium
Sticky Password for Android

Sticky Password for iOS

2. Activate the app below the license key:
3. To use the Sticky Password Premium password manager on mobile devices, activate your existing account or create a new one through the desktop version, and then use your account data to install:


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Apr 13, 2014
Free license for Sticky Password Premium for 1 year. Use a free advanced password manager with secure privacy storage and cloud synchronization of your data.
The Sticky Password Premium password manager will remember all your passwords, automatically fill in and log in, generate strong passwords, keep credit cards safe and use them when making a purchase.
Protect your passwords with two-factor verification,AES-256 encryption and biometric authentication.
Sticky Password Premium supports a variety of synchronization options: cloud synchronization and backup, local Wi-Fi, offline, manual and non-synchronized.
Keep your secrets protected, license programs, passport data and more in a secure and secure storage facility.

Sticky Password Premium Password Functionality

  • Local and cloud sync via WiFi on your devices.
  • Secure cloud backup passwords and credentials.
  • Providing technical support as a priority.
  • Secure password exchange.
  • Data synchronization.

Features of the free Sticky Password Premium license

  • Upgrade to new versions and technical support throughout the period.
  • Annual license for one user.
  • Only for personal use.
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Jan 14, 2016
Thanks, got 5 more months. Last year on 30th Dec (i think) i activated the giveaway license now today.
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