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In a nutshell, Kioxia proposes to skip dicing, assembly, chip packaging, and SSD drive assembly, but use a whole wafer with 3D NAND instead.

The wafer is to be probed using Kioxia’s ‘super multi-probing technology’ to discover as well as disable faulty 3D NAND dies and then attached to a pad with I/O and power connectors. The whole thing should be operated in parallel to extract maximum sequential and random IOPS performance.

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As long as pricing and endurance can keep up with HDD or tape we will finally have a fully replacement for older techonology

The article is not talking about SSD for anyone other than an enterprise that is willing to pay for, and implement, an entire NAND memory wafer.

Read the article. Look at the picture. The entire memory wafer shall be used as an in-parallel SSD.

That wafer is going to cost literally tens of thousands of dollars.
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