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I would like to know is the SUPERAntiSpyware free version any good in removing malware or should I buy the SUPERAntiSpyware Professional for removing malware? What do you advise in buying it or should I use the free one?


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Paid or not SUPERAntiSpyware will always find and remove threats for free. Professional gives you Real-time protection.
I would advise using it as on-demand second opinion scanner along side your antivirus and not purchasing it.

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agree with MrXidus, just take the free version, and keep your money for eventually buying a security suite if you dont have one yet (norton , vipre, etc...) or if you really want spent money on a second opinion scanner invest on MBAM Pro instead than SAS.


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Agree with the above posts (+1 to all).

Also I would like to suggest to you , to start a thread in our Security Configuration Wizard Forum... and we will help you secure your PC without spending money on worthless software.
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