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Soure: Surprise: Opera 12.18 has been released - gHacks Tech News

Opera Software has released version 12.18 of the classic Opera browser two years after the latest update has been made available.

When Opera Software switched from the company's own Presto rendering engine to Chromium/Blink, it was clear that this was the end of the classic Opera browser.

Users who still run the classic version of Opera may receive an update notification that version 12.18 of the browser is available.

They can then use it to upgrade their version of the browser to the new version. The notification may come as a surprise as Opera Software uses it to promote the Chromium version of the browser regularly instead.

Opera 12.18
The new classic Opera version installs or upgrades fine, and you can check that you are still running classic Opera by selecting Opera > Help > About Opera.

There you find listed the version of the browser and build number. It is interesting to note that Windows 10 is not recognized by the browser but listed as Windows 8 instead.

Opera Software has not made available a changelog for the version. A user posted what he thinks has been updated on the Vivaldi forum.

I hate to repeat myself, but 12.18 is a security update. They removed a few protocols that are considered unsafe, added some which were not in 12.17. and enabled TLS 1.1 and 1.2 by default. And yes, there's an update for Mail too. No, no Linux or Mac versions yet.

According to him, Opera Software removed protocols that are not considered safe anymore, and enabled TLS 1.1 and 1.2 by default. Mail was updated as well, but he does not mention what exactly.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the Windows version of Opera 12.18 is currently the only one that is offered, but that was the case for Opera 12.17 as well. It is unlikely that a Linux or Mac version will be released by Opera Software considering that Opera 12.16 is the last version for both systems.

Windows users can download Opera 12.18 from the official download page on the Opera website.

The update is a maintenance update and not a sign that Opera Software has restarted development of Opera Classic.

The company concentrates its efforts on the new Opera browser, currently at version 35. Opera fans who like classic Opera but not the new one may want to keep an eye on Vivaldi, a browser developed by former Opera employees.

Beta 2 of Vivaldi was released recently. A stable version will be released this year, but it is unclear when exactly.