Which Keyboard for Android?

  • SwiftKey Keyboard

    Votes: 16 57.1%
  • Gboard - the Google Keyboard

    Votes: 12 42.9%
  • Total voters
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SwiftKey Keyboard
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Learning curve (Ease of Use)
Graphical User Interface
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Offers a better overall service
Smoother word flow experience
More accurate next word predictions
Comparable features between the 2
Compatibility with apps that support Gifs


Level 12
"Simple Keyboard"

Gboard is a data hoarding extension of a devil and Swiftkey infuriated me with its stupid letter capitalizations, spaces after periods and all the other nonsense I wasn't able to turn off and it kept on forcing on me. So I threw all of it away and started using Simple Keyboard. It has like zero features, not even smileys so I returned to using ASCII ones again. Which means it also has zero chances to piss me off. And it's not sending everything I type anywhere. Since it has no spellchecker I actually bother to type right which all the other keyboards made me lazy and sloppy. So, there you have it.