SECURE: BASIC Syafiq's Security Config

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Feb 13, 2017
Operating System
Windows 10
Installed Antivirus
Thanks for the share:)

Backup is a fundamental part of any secure configuration, it is necessary to save copy of your personal data also on external and offline support.
Also, creating OS images is a good practice and, as already suggested, Macrium is a very good choice.


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Mar 28, 2017
Operating System
Windows 10
Installed Antivirus
With Macrium Reflect free, it's easy to make system image with it (fast, images are compressed)
And for data backup, SyncBackFree is light and full of options.
I recommend Ublock origin as an adblocker. (light and performant).


Level 10
Jan 9, 2017
Agreed most of above gurus! Extensions: Pls consider Ublock Origin/Adquard (system wide) + HTTPS-Everywhere + Scriptsafe. About Password manager, it is not needed, if you have very good memory and pen + piece of paper. Otherwice, like keepass. Thanks,,,oh one more thing...oh well nevermind. Thanks for sharing.


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Oct 23, 2012
Operating System
Windows 10
Installed Antivirus
Implement some type of system & data backup solution.
Consider uBlock origin,Privacy Badger & HTTPS Everywhere in Chrome.
Apart from that your config looks good! Thanks for sharing it with us :)
May 8, 2017
Operating System
Windows 10
Installed Antivirus
He already have Macruim Reflect
Yes, just installed it a week ago

ADDED :Comodo Firewall with @cruelsister settings
RE-ENABLED:Windows Defender, tweaked with GPO(Group Policy Editor)
Removed:Bitdefender Internet Security, because the bugs is annoying(New Bugs:Bitdefender Security Service is Not Reponding)
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