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For some users of Windows 10, screen flickers and explorer.exe crashes are making the new OS unusable. Microsoft is blaming incompatible 3rd party applications. Three apps have been officially tagged as culprits: Norton Antivirus, iCloud, and IDT Audio.

Microsoft's offered solution is to boot Windows 10 into Safe Mode and simply remove these apps if you have them installed. However, Symantec would like that you not remove its Norton Antivirus product completely for obvious reasons, so the company has provided detailed steps on how to accomplish the Safe Mode boot, apply a special Screen_Fix.exe tool, and then reinstall Norton Antivirus.

Details available here: My desktop screen flickers after I upgrade my Norton product
Symantec Offers Fix Tool for Windows 10 Screen Flickers


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there would be lots of problems (& their solutions will be revealed) due to kernal changes in windows 10, loving it by the way.

Malware Man

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I have not experience any screen flickering but I have encountered explorer.exe crashing multiple times for no reason. I just did a clean install two days ago and the explorer crashes were even happening on that as well.
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Tony Cole

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I've had the screen reset, I just thought it was my crap Nvidia graphics card. But the software they suggest I do not even have, so I am lost, may be it's something else.