Latest changes
Jul 21, 2020
Daily driver
My primary device
Operating system
Windows 10 Home
OS version
Version 1909
System type
64-bit operating system; x64-based processor
Security updates
Automatically allow security and feature updates
Windows UAC
Always notify
Firewall protection
Custom - Provided by a third-party security vendor
Account privileges
Administrator account
Account type
Sign in with associated Microsoft ID
Account log-in
  • Windows Hello PIN
  • Exposure to malware
    No malware samples are downloaded
    Real-time Malware protection
    ESET Internet Security
    RTP configuration
    Most of the settings are default, with exception of hardening detection, firewall set to Interactive instead of Automatic, HIPS set to Smart mode, and minor tweaks
    Periodic scanners
    ESET Internet Security, Malwarebytes
    Browser and Add-ons
    Vivaldi Browser, ClearURLs, CSS Exfil Protection, Cookie AutoDelete, Decentraleyes, Malwarebytes Browser Guard
    Privacy tools and VPN
    NextDNS with custom profile, Adguard for Windows, O&O ShutUp 10
    Password manager
    Search engine
    Startpage, DuckDuckGo, Qwant
    Maintenance tools
    CCleaner, winapp2ool, PrivaZer, TCP Optimizer, manual tweaks
    Photos and Files backup
    Manual backups to external HDD
    File Backup schedule
    Once or multiple times per month
    Backup and Restore
    No software used to backup clone of system, if system is corrupted I clean reinstall it before copying my backup files and folders back into it
    Backup schedule
    No system backups
    Computer Activity
  • Playing computer games
  • Browsing the web and checking emails
  • Streaming movies, TV shows and music from the Internet
  • Computer Specifications
    ASUS Rog Strix G17

    • Intel Core i7 10750H
    • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti
    • 16 GB of RAM
    • 512 GB M.2 SSD


    Level 5

    In Photos and Files backup Your may use some backup cloud service: OneDrive, Google Drive, Mega, etc...

    A full Image System BackUp would be also welcome (Macroum Reflect Free,...)

    Thanks for sharing :)
    What benefit of full image system backup? I always wondered and didnt study about that.
    I always do a clean install of Windows via bootable USB, and then install everything from scratch.


    Level 32
    Still have some sort of image backup, instead your USB gets corrupted or you drop it. It's a backup for the backup a you use USB as well. Need as many options as your can to back up your data. It's worth more than oil now and no excuses should be used from anyone whatsoever ever. Never rely on something you normally do which you only have one option to do.