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BAD IDEA: VirusTotal for antivirus/URL scannertesting
At VirusTotal we are tired of repeating that the service was not designed as a tool to perform antivirus comparative analyses, but as a tool that checks suspicious samples with several antivirus solutions and helps antivirus labs by forwarding them the malware they fail to detect. Those who use VirusTotal to perform antivirus comparative analyses should know that they are making many implicit errors in their methodology, the most obvious being:
Ok, thanks. I thought the tests were performed in the " Virus Exchange " section were more reliable .
Thank you for your information


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Ok, thanks. I thought the tests were performed in the " Virus Exchange " section were more reliable .
Thank you for your information
Well some of the malware samples that are listed at the exchange are unknown to AV companies or being in the process of adding them.
You can find some really nice samples but usually after 24 hours they are "known"


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This product as stated uses Avira, but the other 2 are proprietary Tencent AV's. The fourth (Cloud) engine is obviously just the combination of the 3. Currently I feel the Tencent engines are still rather immature, nut the company certainly has the finacial power to develop these quickly which may now happen now that the product has gone global.

But for now, I'd really advise against using this on production systems.

ps- actually Qihoo lost an appeal in the Chinese Supreme Court (Guangdong High People’s Court) against Tencent a few months ago. This case revolved around Qihoo claiming Tencent used it's monopoly in the IM field to push its developing anti-malware product. The Supreme Court dismissed Qihoo 360’s claims on exclusionary practices and anti-competitive bundling against Tencent; this is a landmark case as it is the first AntiTrust action heard in China, and was the first heard by the Supreme Court regarding the relatively new Anti-Monopoly Law (not that anyone cares).

pps- some may notice a similarity of colour schemes and Engine pictograms between Qihoo and Tencent. It seems that this was an "Up Yours" response by Tencent after the verdict. Gotta love Corporate maturity!
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Tencent has 12 VB100 passes without a fail since 2012. I don't believe they were even producing an AV before 2010 but I could be wrong about that. Tencent PC Manager scored 13.5 out of a possible 18 in AV Test's most recent in October. To be fair the low score that dragged them down was on performance which was 2.5. Protection and usability scores were 5.0 and 6.0 respectively. I have always heard that their detection is below average and it drags on system resources. My main point here is that Tencent has been around for a while. Just like Qihoo was for 4 or 5 years before producing an English language version. Hey sis good to see you. I concur on not installing this on any production machine.

PS - Side note I find very interesting. Qihoo has recently invested serious cash in PSafe. Very interesting!
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Tencent PC Manager 10.4.25435.501

Tencent PC Manager is a completely free antivirus solution that is powered by four scanning engines - Tencent Cloud Protection, Tencent Antivirus Engine II, Avira Local Antivirus and Tencent System repair. Tencent PC Manager offers strong protection from computer viruses, spyware, malware, rootkits, and other emerging threats.

It scans faster, uses fewer system resources, and protects you in real-time by instantly identifying and blocking new threats as soon as they appear. In fact, Tencent PC Manager received a 100% detection rate from VB100 Labs.

Tencent PC Manager not only protects your system from unwanted intrusions, viruses, and other malware, but it also includes anti-phishing, link scanner, secure browsing, webcam protection, USB protection, and hacking detection.

Tencent PC Manager is easy to install and easy to use. Updates and upgrades are automatic, so there's no need to worry about having the latest protection. Tencent PC Manager runs quietly in the background, only alerting you if there's something you need to do. Upon installation, it acts as a shield against viruses, worms, trojans, spywares and other malicious threats.

Download: Tencent PC Manager 10.4.25435.501 | 150.0 MB (Freeware)
Link: Tencent PC Manager Home Page | Tencent @ Wikipedia


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After doing scan using context menu "Okay, got it" button is not highlighted properly

TENCET PC MANAGER 10.4 MALWARE TEST_24-02-2015_01-26-34.jpg

"1 hour" is written in chinese language " 1 小时" which could confuse many users about the amount of time taken doing the scan

TENCET PC MANAGER 10.4 BUG_24-02-2015_07-21-35.jpg

Looks like bug in download shield. Detected downloaded file "firefox 36.exe" as malware

TENCET PC MANAGER 10.4 FALSE POSITIVE_24-02-2015_19-14-29.jpg

TENCET PC MANAGER 10.4 FALSE POSITIVE_24-02-2015_21-26-47.jpg
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Trial-ing this app now using just 10cent engines. It doesn't appear to scan my incoming mail. Can anyone confirm whether it scans email, or not?

Update: 4/02, 5:43pm. Less than 24 hrs w/this AV. What I am having an issue with is that unlike the GUI which is in English and comprehensive, it is a different story with some processes in task manager, and even worse with the numerous child processes requesting access to the internet thru my firewall. Since I can't read Chinese I don't know what I am granting permissions to.

Also unlike Qihoo there is no integrated feedback/email feature in the user interface.
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